How is Crazy Simple Education Different?

Most of us grew up in an education system fueled by data used for harm. At Crazy Simple Education we have turned the tables to use data for joy and motivation. Instead of students feeling pressured to perform against their peers, they are empowered by reaching their personal 'All Time Best'. Our philosophy is to meet children where they are rather than telling them where they "should" be. While these concepts may seem unattainable our team has cracked the code and are here to help you achieve continued success.

where it began

In 2003, Lyle Lee Jenkins created the 'LtoJ Process' which is built on the fundamental principal of continuous improvement. Many wonder where the name LtoJ came from, despite popular opinion it does not stand for Lee Jenkins. In the graphs above, you will see the Histogram for Quiz #1 is an 'L' curve, the mid year Histogram for Quiz #15 moves to a bell curve, and the final Histogram for Quiz #28 has transitioned to a 'J' curve. This is a classic depiction of students using the LtoJ Process that shows continued improvement throughout the year.

Our Numbers Speak for Themselves

in Research
Average Impact
Upon Learning

How it Works

Learning Outcomes Defined
A list of key learning concepts students are expected to know by the end of the year is to be provided at the beginning of the year. This allows students to share in the accountability of their learning. When children have access to the content they are expected to know curiosity forms. It is crucial that the list of ideas or concepts provided to children is written in student friendly language they can understand, this builds excitement rather than confusion and frustration.  
Engaged Learning
We have tested and developed resources that keep children engaged in their learning. Offering structured but fluid learning environments support children's natural desire to absorb information. Providing an opportunity for students to learn in a way that makes sense to them is a powerful tool in education. Many of our tools are designed to be used all through a child's education, even as concepts grow more advanced and complex.  
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Data for Joy
It is not uncommon for students to get discouraged in a classroom or home setting when they are not experiencing the same successes as others around them. The mental impact of that negative emotion can dramatically effect a child's education experience. With the LtoJ®️ Process we take the data and not only use it for joy, but present it in a way that resonates with students and provides a visual summary of their personal progress. The resulting graph encourages students to strive for continuous improvement and is something they can be proud to show off!
Celebrate Collective Success
Some may feel okay, maybe even proud to have their grades displayed for everyone to see, but children who are struggling can easily get distraught about their personal performance. When you celebrate collective success every child is contributing to the whole class or family achieving an All Time Best. Gone are the days of being "sick" on quiz day, students soon learn to depend on each other and encourage each to get better and better. Having a couple students record the collective quiz results on a Class or Family Run Chart and then celebrating the successes will work wonders with the morale in your learning environment.
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At the end of the day administrators, educators and parents alike want to see results. Part of the LtoJ®️ Process is calculating a quarterly "effect size". Using student quiz scores our team is able to calculate your efficacy. Of the classrooms that have implemented the LtoJ®️ Process there is an average impact of 5.9x the learning. Each individual involved in the education process has something to be proud of, and there is concrete visual evidence showing increased learning. Everyone wins! 
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Why Such Amazing Results?

John Hattie has documented several influences that, by themselves, double or triple learning. The LtoJ®process is built upon 9 of Hattie's most powerful, researched influences. All 9 are woven together into one unique process for any subject and any grade level, Pre-Kindergarten - Grade 12.

The 9 Visible Learning Influences in LtoJ®️:

  1. Spaced v. Massed Assessment:
    Most standard assessments are in the form of chapter tests - content massed together into one chapter on a single topic. The LtoJ®process spreads the assessment out over the full year, at a minimum, and often over several years.

  2. Collective Teacher Efficacy:
    Once teachers experience the joy of LtoJ®and then learn the "effect size" for all of their efforts, they never go back. They now know they can create the same great results year after year no matter who the new students are.

  3. Assessment Capable Students:
    The students assessed in these 311 classrooms know concepts they are expected to learn, what they have learned thus far, and how the whole class is doing.

  4. Formative Evaluation:
    The assessments are not graded, but are graphed for individuals, classes, grade levels, departments, and whole schools.

  5. Acceleration:
    Students know from week one of the school year the requirements for acceleration and work diligently to achieve the privilege to have more challenging tasks.

  6. Classroom Management:
    Teachers report intense effort by students to accomplish more than ever before. This intrinsic motivation is displayed as great classroom management.

  7. Feedback:
    The LtoJ® process is feedback from students to teachers. It continually answers the question, "Are we on track to meet end-of-the-year standards?"

  8. Teacher Clarity:
    Students learn the first week of school, in great detail, what they will learn for the year. They know precisely what has been taught and what is yet to be taught.

  9. Teacher/Student Relationships:
    Teachers report how the LtoJ® process improves relationships because the classroom becomes a team with the teacher as the coach.

Meet the team

Lee Jenkins
Founder & Chief Executive Officer
Tell me a little about yourself:
I describe myself as a person full of joy. I understand that happiness goes up and down along life's journey. However, because I am content in whatever circumstances, I can remain joyful. I have experienced suddenly becoming a widower and the happiness of a recent marriage to an amazingly gifted widow. I love my family, my church, friends and my work. Joy is a constant.
What was your favorite subject in school?
My favorite school subject was math until high school geometry. Fortunately, as a teacher, three exemplary educators restored my love of mathematics. The crazy, simple knowledge these three taught me propelled my career to levels I never dreamed possible. Years later, I am still grateful for what these three did for a young, inexperienced teacher.
What are some of your hobbies?
I enjoy outside activities such as hiking (with a camera), pickleball and golf. Of course quality books and movies with my bride are special times.
What drew you to Crazy Simple Education?
I grew up on a church pew because my father was a pastor. I heard stories about Jesus that were crazy to almost everyone around him and yet so simple. I never really thought of them as crazy simple until I learned so many crazy simple education secrets from amazing educators. Later in life, I connected my childhood crazy simple with my adult crazy simple education mission.
What motivates you? 
For most of my career I have been an educator for adults. I love demonstrating with students, but always my focus is on adult learning. There are two kinds of problems in education: common and special. W. Edwards Deming estimated that 95% of problems in all organizations are common. Certainly that is true for schools. Some students in all schools do not learn how to read, year by year fewer and fewer students love to come to school to learn, and fractions are a major struggle for far too many. Pressure on educators does not fix system problems. What motivates me? Helping the adults replace the habits that do not solve systemic problems and solutions that go to the root of the problems built into the systems. The success of others motivates me.
Kelly Lippert
Chief Operations Officer
Tell me a little about yourself:
I absolutely love being a homeschool mom to my three children. I always said I would never homeschool, yet here I am and I wouldn't change it for the world! My husband is a pastor at our church. We live right at the base of the mountains and love it! I went to school to be an elementary school teacher, but I realized what I really wanted to do was be a mom. It is pure joy for me to be able to use my educational knowledge to help my children and so many others through Crazy Simple Education.
What was your favorite subject in school?
Helping the teacher? I didn't like school. I liked friends and being a teacher's pet! School was hard for me and it was hard for me to understand and retain anything. That's why CSE has been so life changing...oh how I wish someone explained it to me this way as a child!
What are some of your hobbies?
I love doing things that can help my mind relax. I love to read, paint by number, embroidery, diamond painting, and crafting in general! I also love doing home projects, especially if they involve organizing!
What drew you to Crazy Simple Education?
I actually used the LtoJ process as a teacher, so when I met Lee and he offered to help me adapt it for homeschool I was ALL IN! Not only that, but my children love it and thrive. I can't imagine using anything else in my homeschool.
What motivates you? 
My love of Jesus. Also wanting the best for my children. I'll go to the ends of the earth for them!
Christy Courtright
President & Chief Financial Officer
Tell me a little about yourself:
People describe me as an upbeat positive person. I enjoy spending time with my husband and our friends and family. Any time we can get out in nature and explore someplace new is a great day, but we also love to just relax and enjoy time together. I like to stay busy and think up new ways to put my creative mind to work then collaborating with my team to launch new projects. Life can get fairly chaotic, but at the end of the day I know Jesus has great plans for me and that brings a smile to my face.
What was your favorite subject in school?
When I was in school I loved language arts. I remember being so thrilled when we got to write stories or recount an experience on paper. I have carried that love into my adulthood with journaling, blogging and finding any reason to write things down.
What are some of your hobbies?
In my free time you can often find me laying by the pool or hiking with my husband. I enjoying getting fresh air and spending time surrounded by God's creation. When it is too warm to go outside I love to cuddle up on my couch and solve word problems, do puzzles, color and of course spend time with my cats.
What drew you to Crazy Simple Education?
I was a student who performed well on tests due to my skills with memorization, but by the time I got home none of that knowledge was in my head. When I met Lee and heard his philosophy on education I jumped at the opportunity to be part of this awesome mission. I want every child to have an opportunity to experience an education journey that supports the way they learn best.
What motivates you? 
I believe that I was created to help others. Anything I can do in life both personally and professionally that helps others fills me with joy. Knowing that the projects we are working on every day will impact a child and the trajectory of their future is incredible to think about. I can't wait to see where things go next!